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Absorption Base Desalination Plant

Transfer and localization of new water technologies and applications

Absorption Base Desalination Plant
In 2017 work on the Absorption Base Desalination Plant commenced to utilize new desalination system technologies related to design, analysis, testing and evaluation. The Plant also seeks to develop these technologies locally with the cooperation of international partners. The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology has provided technical support to the Saline Water Conversion Corporation during the construction of a multi-hybridization and crystallization desalination plant, by implementing a cooling and salt crystallization system and connecting them to a renewable energy source in the main desalination plant in Rabigh city.

This project forms part of the efforts to develop a sustainable domestic water sector that restores depleted water resources and preserves the environment – an objective of Vision 2030.

The project is one of the first desalination plants which utilizes crystalline absorption cooling on an industrial scale and with zero salt return, preventing negative environmental impacts and raising overall plant efficiency.

The plant consumes the equivalent of 3.5 MW of thermal energy and 1.5 MW of electrical energy to produce 5,000 m³ of desalinated water and 700 kilograms of salt per day (from 7 m³ of brine).

Sub Projects
  1. An experimental pilot plant located in the Al-Uyaynah Solar Village.
  2. Small scale industrial plant in Rabigh city.
Absorption Base Desalination Plant in Numbers:
  • 2 Patents as a direct result of the project
  • 5,000m³/day Of clean water for Rabigh city
  • 700 kg /day Of crystalized salt production
  • 3.7 tons/year Reduction in carbon emissions (could reach 11 tons/year if 100% renewable energy is used).
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